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fivehundredthousand is an exhibition and performance initiative that works as a host for critical dialogue and cultural exchange.


2016  -  2019



fivehundredthousand at Deptford Cinema

Video work by: Nils Agdler & Timo Menke, George Bularca, Melanie Christine, Rob Daglish, Eliot Z. Felde, Kate Frances Lingard, Rosie Gibbens, William Glass, Euan Gubbins, Hoagy Hickson, Becci Hilton, Samuel Kelly, Eleni Papazoglou, Fiona Rafferty, Philip Speakman & Billy Sassi, Sid Smith, Harry Smithson, Lara Smithson & Andy Wyatt



The World Tour Inauguration

Presented for ArtLicks Weekend and nominated for the Workweek Prize for artist-led and independent curatorial projects. Featuring work from: Nicola Bergamaschi, Tom Bull, Nathaniel Faulkner, Alia Hamaoui, Jess Heritage, Maximilian Klawitter, Lara Smithson

& Philip Speakman



Northern Comfort

Installation and video work featuring: Gillies Adamson Semple, 

Diana Agunbiade-kolawole, George Bularca, Tom Bull, Jonathan Chapman, Christofer Degrér, Tyler Eash, Johan Franzén, Eliot Z. Felde, Nathaniel Faulkner, Jess Heritage & Max Jefcut, Sam Kelly, Michael Kirkman, Rosa Klerkx, Gonçalo Lamas, Max Lennon, Hector Michalopoulos, Billy Sassi, Ossian Söderqvist, Philip Speakman, Harry Smithson, Sam Stone, Emma Tanner, Maddy Whitelaw & Andy Wyatt



fivehundredthousand talk at Universität der Künste Berlin

Talk given by Gillies Adamson Semple, Eliot Z. Felde and Harry Smithson. Invited by Max Klawitter and Klasse Gallmeier



Perform & Pixel

Performance and video work featuring: Gillies Adamson Semple, Daria Blum, Emma Clayton, Eliot Z. Felde, Nathaniel Faulkner, Gonçalo Lamas, Ellie May, Kerry O’Connor, Bahareh & Farzaneh Safarani, Billy Sassi, Harry Smithson, Lara Smithson, Yoojin Lee, YuTing Wang, Isabella Winthrop & Andrew Wyatt 


The Strange Account of Ellery Cordwainer

Philip Speakman



fivehundredthousand presents: Ossian Söderqvist 

Ossian Söderqvist



Audio Tours are Available

Emma Tanner




Anastasia Alekseeva



Question 1a. Answer 1a.

Sam Kelly and Hoagy Hickson 



A NIGHT of Discharge 

Tom Bull



Economy of the Living

Gillies Adamson Semple with Rory Edmonds, Cicely Haslam, Tom Bull



Brown Cube II

Featuring work by: Abbie Adams, Gillies Adamson Semple, Anastasia Alekseeva, Max Beets, Tom Bull, Simon Dalemans, Eliot Z. Felde,  Ava Gardner, Elliott Haigh, Cicely Haslam, Hoagy Hickson, Joshua Jack Waterson, Anjali Kasturi, Sam Kelly, Maximilan Klawitter, Marlen Rau, Harry Smithson, Philip Speakman, Lara Smithson & Emma Tanner



Brown Cube I

Featuring work by: Gillies Adamson Semple, Alex Barkhouse, Tom Bull, Ava Gardner, Hoagy Hickson, Eliot Z. Felde, Cicely Haslam, Max Klawitter, Thomas Roughan, Bahareh & Farzaneh Safarani, Harry Smithson & Emma Tanner




Gillies Adamson Semple

Artist and co-director of fivehundredthousand



Eliot Z. Felde

Artist and co-director of fivehundredthousand



Harry Smithson

Artist and co-director of fivehundredthousand




Alexander Ranson

Graphic design and communications

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